International Students (for both Master and PhD)who already obtained personal insurance and would like be exempted from the insurance provided by the university are required to contact the Office of Graduate Studies before tuition payment is finalized, otherwise the insurance fee will be included and non-refundable.
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Claim Process
  • If you attend AXA network hospital using your membership card show your membership card and ID. card or passport to the receptionist or cashier
  • The hospital will then arrange for all the eligible expenses within your benefit levels to charge us directly.
  • If you are being admitted for inpatient treatment, the hospital will contact our help line to confirm your cover and eligibility for treatment.
  • On discharge you will be asked to pay for any non medical expenses or charges in excess of your benefits before you leave the hospital. The hospital will contact our help line to confirm how much we will pay and how much you should pay.
If you attend non AXA network hospital

If you attend a hospital which is not on our list, you will need to pay all the expenses yourself first
To obtain reimbursement, you will need to submit documents.
On receipt of these documents we will reimburse your claim within the next 14 working days


1. Medical certificate showing diagnosis of condition treated together with an itemized medical expenses bill or Attending Physician’s Report.
2. Original receipt.
3. Photostatted copy of your membership card.
4. Copy of passbook for transferring claim amount (1st page)


The supportive documents for claim reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days after treatment.
Any questions or problems please contact Ms. Viparat at telephone no. 02 656 8710 ext. 5104.

For more information about the insurance policies and coverage scheme, please contact ABAC Hua Man Campus, A-Building 3rd Floor

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