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The University Background

The St. Gabriel Foundation, a worldwide organization founded in France in 1705, is responsible for the establishment and administration of Assumption University. The Foundation has been dedicated to education and philanthropic activities in Thailand for more than 100 years and it now operates 14 educational institutions providing all levels of education.


Assumption School of Business was initially founded in 1969 and in 1972 it became Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC). In 1975 the Ministry of University Affairs accredited ABAC and later in 1990 it was accredited a fully-fledged university, and renamed as Assumption University (AU). The University is administered by a Council which takes policy initiatives and provides guidance for long-term planning and formulation of control procedures.


Today, AU is considered the leading private university in Thailand in the fields of Business, Management and Information Technology as demonstrated by the placement of many of its graduates in key management and technological positions in industry, government, banking and multinational conglomerates worldwide.


The University’s curriculum is patterned after the American semester hour credit system and most textbooks are similar to those used in international universities. Graduates receive an education that is both globally marketable and flexible leading to highly productive careers within the various sectors of society from which the students come and to which they aspire to be.




In loyalty to its Christian mission, Assumption University stands for:

  • Respect for the three institutions of the Nation: Religion, Country, the King and a democratic way of life;
  • Belief that a man justifies himself and his existence by the nobility of his work: LABOR OMNIA VINCIT;
  • Commitment to be a light that leads men towards the true source of all knowledge and life.


Mission and Vision


Assumption University, a leading international university in Thailand, will achieve the highest level of intellectual excellence within a diverse and collaborative community whose members share a passion for teaching, learning and an abiding commitment to innovate and create through research, and a strong tradition in engaging with the community and stakeholders through knowledge creation and dissemination.


Assumption University envisions itself in the 21st Century as a learning community supported by the most appropriate information and communication technology.  The successful utilization of the technology and information for education excellence is based on the academic and administrative competency working within a progressive, innovative and seamless organizational environment.


Our Vision 2000: AU envisions itself as

  • an international community of scholars
  • enlivened by Christian inspiration
  • engaged in the pursuit of Truth and Knowledge serving human society, especially through the creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and cyber technology


Assumption University exists for the main purpose of serving the nation through generation, dissemination and application of business, scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge through research and interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships that build on a strong foundation of strong interdisciplinary scholarship.


Assumption University teaches students to think critically, objectively and creatively, and to be lifelong learners, leaders and productive ethical citizens; pursues research to advance knowledge, to meet local, national and international challenges in a diverse, interdependent, knowledge based and technologically dynamic society.


Objectives and Policies


As a university, it represents an international “academic community which, in a rigorous and critical fashion, assists in the protection and advancement of human dignity”, specifically, with devotion to the Thai cultural heritage, “through research, teaching and various services offered to the local, national and international communities.”



The University is fully accredited by OHEC (Office of Higher Education Commission) and ONESQA (Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment). Its graduates enjoy the same privileges as accorded by state university graduates. Its academic standards are accepted by the Civil Service Commission of Thailand. Assumption University is recognized in the USA and other countries and transfer of credits from the University is accepted abroad. Graduates from the University can pursue advanced degrees anywhere in the world.


Assumption University is listed in the Handbook of Universities and other Institutions of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITIES in Paris, France. The University is recognized by:

  • The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)
  • The Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
  • The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)


Medium of Instruction


English is the officially approved medium of instruction at Assumption University. Five courses are in the Thai language but only for Thai speaking students. Students whose native tongue is not Thai follow the same courses in English.




Assumption University does not discriminate in its programs and activities against any person because of race, color, ethnic origin, ancestry, religion, age or sex. This non-discrimination policy applies to admissions, employment, treatment of individuals, and access to programs. Inquiries concerning this policy may be directed to the Office of the University Registrar.




Assumption University maintains three campuses: the original campus located at Hua Mak, the new campus at Suvarnabhumi, and the ABAC Professional Training Center, which is located on the 14th floor of the ZEN Department Store @ Central World in the center of Bangkok.


Hua Mak Campus: The original campus is a compact, vertical campus comprising 17 buildings with the tallest having a total of 16 floors. A small lake surrounded by lush gardens and seating is a focal point of beauty and tranquility. Food, convenience and service shops to support student needs surround the campus. This will become the home of postgraduate faculties in the near future.


The Suvarnabhumi Campus: The Suvarnabhumi Campus, constructed as a “University in a Park”, comprises 200 acres of a beautifully landscaped assembly of mixed architecture surrounded by lush, tropical gardens and trees. Designed to host the university’s undergraduate degree programs, it offers everything: a meeting/ exhibition center, hotel, non-coeducational dormitories, a magnificent chapel, a museum, three academic halls, and much more.


The centerpiece of the campus is the Cathedral of Learning, a 39-storey tower which houses student support services, the library, reception halls, seminar rooms and offices. Transportation between the two campuses is convenient and inexpensive. Shuttles run throughout the day between various points in Bangkok and the Suvarnabhumi Campus.


ABAC Professional Training Center: The new lifestyle and edutainment campus began operating in September 2007 at the 14th floor of the ZEN Department Store @ Central World, Rajdamri Road. This campus facilitates some classes for master’s programs, short-courses and seminars and will be the one-stop student service center for academic services, class services, finance services and other services.


Within ABAC Professional Training Center, we provide professional and functional training facilities in the ideal edutainment learning environment. Our classrooms are best fit to the business, IT and professional training needs as each of those is fully equipped with hi-tech IT equipment, Wireless Internet access, high quality LCD Projector and also other standard meeting facilities.




Hua Mak Campus

592/3 Ramkhamhaeng 24, Hua Mak Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 Thailand

Tel. (662) 300-4553-62 Fax. (662) 300-4563


Suvarnabhumi Campus

88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26 Bangsaothong Samuthprakarn 10540 Thailand Tel. (662) 723-2222 Fax. (662) 707-0395


ACC Campus

101 Soi Satorn 13, South Satorn Road, Bangkok 10120

Tel. (662) 675-5769-70 Fax (662) 675-5083 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  url:


ABAC Professional Training Center

Zen Department Store @ CentralWorld, 14th floor., 4,4/5 Rajdamri Road, Phatumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Tel. (662) 1009115-8 Fax. (662) 1009119



Why Students Choose Assumption University?

Classes are conducted in English to further enhance students ability to communicate effectively with their peers and to equip them with the necessary skills to become global citizens.


There are more than 3,000 international students from over 80 countries that attend AU every year. There are qualified international faculty from over 40 countries teaches at the university as full-time or visiting professors.


AU coursework is in line with global education standards and students enrich their development through hands-on learning experiences that include internships, seminars, competitions, and field research.


Guest speakers, experts in corporate fields, diplomats and Ambassadors share their opinion to the students with an added value to their learning.


International conference, seminars and summits are organised each year to showcase research from scholars, researchers and graduating students.


Graduate students are exposed to the corporate cultures as an out of the classroom learning experience apart from textbooks.


Part-time MBA programs are taught in digital and classroom duo setting connecting people, places and information.










Administrative Office

Assumption University
19 Aziz Nagar Main Road,
Chennai - 600 024
Lan: 044 - 4850 2121
Mob: 9840084050 / 9884566664

Office of Graduate Studies, Assumption University
Hua Mak Campus, Assumption Building
('A' Building), 3rd floor, Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Tel. (662) 3004543-62 Ext.1360-61,
Fax.(662) 7191521

Suvarnabhumi Campus
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26
Thailand 10540
Tel. (662) 723-2222
Fax. (662) 707-0395

General Enquiry

Suvarnabhumi Campus
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26
Thailand 10540
Tel. (662) 723-2222
Fax. (662) 707-0395